Inaugural Season

Location: Strangetown


Winner: Apple Gorflognop
Runner-Up: Kike Gorflognop
Third Place: Cake-Patty Gorflognop
Fourth Place: R. Gorflognop
Fifth Place:
Bibboli Gorflognop
Sixth Place:
Rolo Gorflognop
Seventh Place:
Stove Gorflognop
Eighth Place:

Note that despite sharing a surname, none of these sims were related. This season took place in TS2, when members of a household could not have different family names. As per tradition at the time, Kike and Apple had a child before the final challenge. Her name was Kiki. Other notable contestants included Bibboli, and that was about it. The eighth-place finisher was so unmemorable that his or her name was not even recorded.